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MDB Enterprises Correction Units

MDB Enterprises supply a large number of prisons and other forms of correctional institutions such as civilian armed personnel within the civil security sectors facing similar problems that the police establishments face.

Non-Lethal Weapons are employed within a prison or correctional facility, they are most effective as the officers need to disable an inmate, as they also have the responsibility of care of the inmate. If used properly they do not cause any long-term serious injuries in 99% of incidents.

The use of
Non-Lethal weapons prove furthermore advantageous as, should these weapons fall into the wrong hands, and if used against an officer in the course of their duties, they can be painful but they will not prove fatal.

Non-Lethal Weapons afford the added reassurance for security forces of knowing that their assailant is safely incapacitated, not seriously harmed and unable to present any further danger. Furthermore they are protected from the possibility of legal charges that may have arisen for the use of excessive force should they have had to employ another means of restraint or retaliation.