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MDB Enterprises Target Market

As with the United Nations for example, countries are providing their armed forces to assist with peacekeeping in troubled areas by forming an international policing force; further necessitating the need to maintain the status quo by the use of Non-Lethal Weapons. This enables such entities to facilitate the peace processes they are deployed to promote and by avoiding bloodshed they can do so with integrity.

An increasing amount of armed forces are choosing to opt for Non-Lethal Weapons Systems as this effectuates the ability to disabled or apprehend any possible individual or group of assailants. As we move further forward into this century, armed forces worldwide do not want to kill unnecessarily any adversaries they may come across in the course of their actions.

For example, forces are more frequently deployed to keep the peace or manage public gatherings or political demonstrations. It would be contradictory to their purpose to employ lethal weapons. Governments and ruling bodies are directing ever-increasing amounts of funding on the research and development on arsenals of weapons that effectuate anything but death.

MDB Enterprises know that this is a multi-billion-dollar growth industry and as a company we can offer and expediate the process that some governments are just adopting. By predicting and producing the needs of armed forces to be equipped with Non-Lethal Weapons Systems that, as opposed to killing, can stun, scare, incapacitate or capture an opponent, we can expand on the options available to assets in a confrontational situation and provide a response more effective and conducive to their purpose by the use of Non-Lethal Weapons Capabilities.