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MDB Enterprises Responsibility

MDB Enterprises have extensive knowledge in regards to the needs of our clientele. We can provide technical solutions and services required both within the defence and civilian sectors.

MDB Enterprises have the technological knowledge and competence within a multitude of other areas including those related to the development and operations of business under patent and copyright.

The majority of correctional institutions facilitate the use of Non-Lethal Weapons and these are ever more commonly present in jails and prisons and these days they are more likely to have such weapons.

Although Officers are not routinely armed with these weapons, they are usually at hand and stored in an armoury or other safe place. Consequently Non-Lethal Weapons are seen as an advantage in the daily operational functions of a prison or correctional facility. Non-Lethal Weapons devices are intended to disable potential threats by means of distraction, confusion or destabilisation, and as they are designed to only temporarily incapacitate the adversary they pose no threat to collateral individuals.

Inevitably although minor, injuries can and will occur to individuals who are hit by Non-Lethal Munitions
. Non-Lethal weapons should significantly reduce any risk of severe injury as compared with conventially destroying the same target. The ability to apprehend any assailant is gained in the few seconds that are necessary to exploit the situation by the use of Non-Lethal Munitions.

In order to always be able to ensure our customers targets are met, skilled project managers supervise our researchers and engineers.