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MDB Enterprises Project Developements

MDB Enterprises knows that there are no set protocols to provide definitive parameters to what constitutes ‘accidental death’ when a member of a security force is trying to defend themselves during the course of their work against a protagonist.

MDB Enterprises knows therefore when it comes to security forces employing the use of a Non-Lethal Weapon it is a ‘grey area’, to say the least, of what could be construed as the use of excessive force; therefore it is very difficult to determine what is an “acceptable risk”.

Testing the result on humans what a Non-Lethal Weapon effectuates does not really allow a realistic evaluation of these weapons, as many Non-Lethal Weapons will have bypassed a full human effects testing due to the fact that they are rushed through an urgent fielding process. Failure to test these weapons effectively, or introducing them under urgent operational requirements, has no consideration for the user or third parties; like bystanders for example. This may help explain why Non-Lethal Weapons have previously caused injuries in the field, like laser dazzlers for example in having caused eye injuries to United States troops.