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MDB Enterprises Product Development

MDB Enterprises is in advanced development stages of a weapons system that has baffled the other research facilities worldwide. No other company has managed to get this right but we aim to complete all stages of testing by the end of 2014 and are looking forward to actually moving into commercial production.

The best explanation is to describe this as a weapon that emits energy in a specified direction without using any form of bullet or ball or indeed any other kind of projectile. The energy ‘fired’ (or from now on we shall use the term “Directed”) can include light (laser weapons), beams of particles (particle beam weapons) sound (sonic weapons) and electromagnetic (also can be classed as a laser weapon). All of these are Non-Lethal Weapons and can be used to immobilize machines and vehicles as well as living beings; mainly humans.

One weapon that we have successfully developed that has left even the American government stuck in its’ tracks as far as developing a weapon that is actually practical in the field is MDB Enterprises’s latest development that we have dubbed the EMRD. (the Electro-Magnetic Radiation Dish).

MDB Enterprises have successfully researched developed, and are in the process of producing, test models of a dish, similar to a satellite dish, that propels electromagnetic radiation strong enough to pass through human skin to agitate the central nervous system; just enough to trigger the same response that would occur should the target actually (but obviously not in this case) be on fire. Although the resulting sensation is the same nervous response a human body would incur if the situation were actually happening, no actual physical damage is caused using this form of Non-Lethal Capability.

Non-Lethal Weapons such as these are designed to work on individuals or on crowds which is a matter simply dependent on the direction of the “Directed Energy” weapon.

The problem other manufacturers have had with the Directed Energy Weapons System is that the logistical practicalities of their designs made it nearby impossible and certainly impractical to bring their design of this weapon to a war zone due to the fact that it required several additional systems or sub-components that, should they be able to logistically cope with them, any repairs necessary in field were a practical nightmare or impossibility.

MDB Enterprises’s EMRD (the Electro-Magnetic Radiation Dish), has eradicated the functional difficulties encountered by other manufacturers. Our design does not need half a day to reach the super-cool temperatures needed for its’ operation, neither does it have the bulk or the weight of the systems designed by, for example, the American military. Our design is far less bulky and does not have the mass of other designs and therefore has the mobility that has eluded other manufacturers attempting to develop this product to the stage of operational testing.

Furthermore, to enable the weapon to be utilized in all situations it may be required to, there is a missing link that other manufacturers have failed to develop in any way. Therefore Our EMRD (the Electro-Magnetic Radiation Dish) is very much a weapon of the future.